About us

NEVAAJOS is a leading company in the agricultural sector, 30 years of experience and dedication endorse us as a national and international reference.

The key to our permanence in the market lies in an elaborate production process covered by the best quality seeds and the best farmland in the Vega de Granada and Castilla-La Mancha.

We carry out the whole process of the product from its sowing in the earth until its packaging and shipment to any part of the world, which allows us to control from the beginning to the end of the process so that the final result is the most optimal possible.

The founder of the Group Nemesio Amigo Muñoz has developed since very young all kinds of jobs related to the field and in a very special way with the production of Garlic and Asparagus has permanently innovated and sought the best techniques to offer its customers the best products on the market, we work with the latest techniques developed in the garlic sector.

We currently have spaces of 30,000 square meters for the treatment of our production with all the technical logistics infrastructure for the storage, processing and conservation of our products since they are collected from the field until their shipment to destination.

At present, NEVAAJOS is a leading company in the sector, we market our garlic to many countries in Europe, USA, Asia and South Africa, we also have national distribution.

We have cold rooms for the conservation of our products and allows us to have garlic for sale throughout the year.

Garlic is in great demand both in the national and international markets
Total export of our production. 80%

Our priority is to seek the maximum satisfaction of our client, for this reason we have an excellent relationship with our customers some of whom have been counting on our products for decades.

Square meters of infrastructures
Years of experience